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Taylor Lautner on the red carpet THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2

Premiere night with Taylor Lautner on the red carpet THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN PART 2

According to those people keeping track at the studios — The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, which has a surprise ending racked up $141.3 million domestically over this opening weekend. Additionally, teenage phenomenon earned $199.6 million overseas for a global opening of more than $340.9 million.  We don’t want to give away the movie, but it does have
a surprise and happy ending.

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On premiere night there were lots of exciting events, but the
most interesting observation focuses on the fans – Social Media.

Robert Pattinson engages fans before turning around to media.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 breaks new ground in Social Media


Normally when such blockbuster movies as Liongate’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Park 2 premieres, the movie stars eyes are all on the flashing cameras and TV crews in the press box on the red carpet. But on this big night (Nov. 12, 20212), at the Nokia Center L.A. Live Theater in downtown Los Angeles, stars like Kristen StewartRobert PattinsonTaylor LautnerPeter Facinelli and other celebs spent more time signing autographs and allowing fans to take their pictures more than the media.

The U-shape setup is a trademark of Lionsgate’s style. Unlike The world famous Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA, where fans traditionally line up across the street on Hollywood Blvd.,  LA Live at Nokia Center in downtown LA allows the screaming fans to camp out for five days opposite of the media, but close enough for autographs and digital cameras.

The stars know too well they wouldn’t be where they are today without the fans. Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and other social networks globally expose stars to a new fan base so when this epic finale premiered in London and Europe later this week, fans already knew what to expect. The much anticipated teenage phenomenon film opened nationwide on Friday Nov. 16th. A record $1.42 million for the weekend opening.

Long shot of Kristen Stewart on the red carpet at movie premiere

Kristen Stewart poses for the media on premiere night of THE TWILIGHT SAGA:
BREAKING DAWN PART 2 Premiere at the Nokia LA Live Theater, downtown LA.
Underneath all those screaming fans are shout outs from cameramen in the press box,
“turnaround Kristen, over the shoulder Robert and look over here Taylor.” The advance
of high speed access, smart phones, Ipads and other handheld devices has change the
traditional style of covering celebrities at premiers. Fans first, media second.

The film and teenage phenomenon premiere attracted 2,000 fans.

This is the epic finale of novelist Stephenie Meyer’s four best sellers and this is probably the most violent of the teenage phenomenon movie about the girl-vampire-werewolf love triangle. The worldwide blockbuster is sure to please obsessive fans, which spent a week camping out on the sidewalk just to get in the front row for a photo together with their idol stars. The fans are sure to love this mega hit that has made three actors overnight sensations. The last two adaptations of the book were actually split into projects “Breaking Dawn-Part 1 and this Friday “Break Dawn Part 2.” The both last year and this years hit was directed by Bill Condon, who is has mastered horror movies. This one is no different.

Short synopsis (imdb):

Bella is enjoying her new life and new powers, after the birth of their daughter, Renesmee. Soon, however, their family bliss is threatened again, by a new menace. Vampire Irina believes a child like Renesmee could challenge the power and existence of the Volturi. As Irina rallies the Volturi to destroy this potential threat, Bella and the Cullens – together with any allies they can assemble – are preparing to fight a crucial, ultimate battle, to protect their family.



Far from the Volturi leaving Forks, they engage the Cullens and Wolves in a fierce fight, for some reason. Not to ruin it if you haven’t seen the movie, but it does have a happy ending, and a real twist or spoiler.




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(L-R) Chester Elton, “All In”, Yvonne Trupiano, Avis Budget Group, G.J. Hart, Calif. Pizza Kitchen, Jodi Walker, Success Alliances at KNX Business Breakfast Series.

Leadership: How to get people “All In” on the same mission

Business leadership experts say to have any chance of succeeding as a manager you need to get your people “All in.” That’s means praise them for “small victories’ and find out what your employees “personal mission’ is. Those were observations of a star-studded business panel at the KNX Business Breakfast SeriesLEADERSHIP: How visionaries create a winning culture.”

The Panel included Jodi Walker, president, Success Alliances; G.J. Hart, CEO/President, California Pizza Kitchen and Best-selling Author Chester Elton, “The Carrot Principle” and “All in.”

“I lived in New Jersey, my kids were into sports, congrats to the Stanley Cup champs LA Kings, anyway Lacrosse, a team sport is a big thing there,  ” said Author Elton.  “My son, who was on the team, and when I called him he said, ‘we won.’ I asked, ‘Did you score a goal?’ He said, ‘No’. I said, ‘Did you pass the ball to someone to score a goal?’ He said, ‘No,” I asked, ‘Did you touch the ball?’ He said, ‘Yes, three times.’ “I said, ‘YES! That’s my boy(Elton shaking his fist into air). We need to recognize people for small victories, not just the big wins at home and on the job,”


Elton said.

Elton noted that whether you manage the smallest of teams or a multi-continent organization, you’re the owner of a work culture –congratulationis- and few things will have a bigger impact on your performance than getting people to buy into your ideas, and believe what they do matters.

“We don’t motivate our employees, we inspire them and it’s all about having a positive attitude,” explained G. J. Hart, executive chairman, CEO and president, California Pizza Kitchen.  Prior to overseeing the California Pizza Kitchen’s 250 restaurants, Hart was CEO of Texas Roadhouse, which owns, operates and franchises more than 350 restaurants. During his 10 years at Texas Roadhouse, he led the company through phenomenal growth, increasing revenues from $63 million to more than $1 billion.

And why are some managers able to get their employees to commit to their culture and go the extra mile that leading to great results? Leading workplace experts teamed up with research giant Towers Watson to analyze an unprecedented 300,000-person study finding, “managers of the highest performing work groups create a “culture of belief”, in other words they believe in their leaders and the company’s visions, values and goals.

The study found most “employers are responding to the economy by expecting employees to work longer hours than before the recession” and sharply cut back on the rate of increase of merit budgets.

“In order to attract good leaders, you have to have good leaders at the organization in the first place,” Yvonne Trupiano, director, Talent Acquisition, Avis Budget Group told the crowd of business owners. “So we’re spending a lot of time on the front end of management to make sure we can bring up leaders on the other end, so is important to have leaders set an example.”

All panelists agreed that companies need to care more about people and their personal mission, too. “People under estimate the value of bringing people together,” said Author Chester Elton.


“Social media is important in getting the message out there, but even more critical is taking employees out of the office and meeting with them one-on-one, because it’s more about them than us,” said CEO G. J. Hart, California Pizza Kitchen.