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On the red carpet with Actress/Producer Nicole Kian of "I Am Neda" premiere in Hollywood, CA

This year a powerful movie is the featured film of 14th Annual ARPA International Film Festival 



June 2009 marked another turning point for Iranians, when mass anti-government protests erupted across major cities in Iran, following the June 12 rigged Iranian presidential election against the disputed victory of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which came to be known as the “Green Movement”. These events provoked the Islamic Republic government to declare war on its own people and the world became a witness to some of the most horrific acts that were shown daily through major news outlets, twitter reports and even youtube. Many innocent Iranians were, imprisoned, tortured, raped and killed for standing up for their basic human rights in non-violent civil disobedience.

This story is centered on a courageous young woman who has since become the symbol and face of this movement

Persepolis Pictures, United States of America. “I Am Neda” (http://www.IAmNeda.com/), Official Selection – 14th Annual ARPA International Film Festival ‘ShortProgram’(http://affma.org/).

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Tippi Hedron to introduce "The Last Elephants of Thailand" Sat at LA Femme Film Festival


Activist/actress Tippi Hedren to introduce the film

Los AngelesOctober 14, 2010 The Last Elephants in Thailand by Michelle Mizner and Don Tayloe will screen at the 6th Annual LA Femme Film Festival, on Saturday, October 16 at 6pm.  The film, a stunning statement on elephant abuse in Thailand and beyond, has already garnered wins at the San Antonio Film Festival, Bangkok IndieFest and the Venice Green Screen Film Festival and will compete at the United Nations Association Film Festival (October 22 – 31) at Stanford University.  The filmmakers’ prescient insight is also being brought to light by Hollywood via the new Reese Witherspoon film Water for Elephants.  The film will be introduced by the legendary Tippi Hedren, a well-known animal activist.

Michelle Mizner is a documentary filmmaker from Central California.  She studied cinema and creative writing on full scholarship at Cal State Northridge, where she directed Barrio Thief, a short film about a family affected by drug-resistant tuberculosis in Peru.  Upon graduation, Michelle they joined forces with Don Tayloe to make this film, a process that altogether took almost 2 years.   “Don and I were both working full time jobs and living on opposite sides of the country, but this was a passion project.  It began as a small story about an elephant hospital in Thailand, however as we were filming and made aware of the hardships faced everyday by domesticated elephants and the humans who care for them, and we knew we had an urgent responsibility to share.

Michelle hopes the film challenges viewers to consider their own opinions about how and why elephants are used in entertainment and tourism, both at home and abroad.  “People love elephants.  So its heartbreaking to learn that something as innocent and alluring as an elephant painting can actually be the result of serious torture.”

Don Tayloe is a practicing internist at the VA Hospital in Fresno.  He became interested in the Elephant Hospital in Thailand because of the uniqueness of a hospital that only treated elephants.  It gave him the chance to observe cutting edge veterinary medicine applied to elephants.

Tippi Hedren, actress, producer, activist was the recipient of the “Thespian Award” from the LA Femme Film Festival in 2008.

Charles Huddleston, Terran Enterprises, Michele Martin, writer/producer/ George Mc Quade

Founder Leslie Lepage, LA Femme outlines the four day extravaganza

at Renberg Theatre in Hollywood this weekend.

Datey Gallagher talks about her film “Mediocrity for Miracles”

The Festival Opens with music for the first time

Lisa Haley and the Zydekats performed:

The LA Femme Film Festival, now in its sixth year, runs October 14- 17, 2010. The Last Elephants in Thailand will screen at the Davidson Valentini Theater, The Village at Ed Gould Plaza in Hollywood on Saturday, October 16, at 6pm.  Tickets for the festival can be purchased online at www.LAFemme.org or at the box office.

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This is a story about love, and how one woman’s love of Elephants led her to open the first Elephant Hospital in Thailand.  It is also about the conflict raging in Thailand over the fate of the few remaining Thai Elephants.  On one side are those who want to exploit them by making them perform tricks, walk in the streets, and paint pictures.  On the other side are people who love Elephants and are trying to save them from abuse and exploitation.  At the turn of the 20th century there were 100,000 elephants in Thailand. Today there are less than 5000.

More at: http://www.thelastelephants.com/