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“Research shows that 60 percent of the electricity generated in this country is lost to inefficiencies, and the fact that smart grid technology is green, it makes customers feel good about saving energy,” Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software told CNN Headline News Local Charter Edition this week

Los Angeles, CA There is a lot riding on successful smart grid technology, which is why PERI Software Solutions Inc. is doing its part to educate the public and media on its deployment.  PERI Software Solutions Inc., a global business solutions company will be featured in a CNN Headline News local edition interview July 5th and July 11th, in Los Angeles and Southern California (check local TV Guide listings.)

Last October, the Dept. of Energy allocated $11 billion for smart grid creation, and utilities are investing millions of their own funds to electric grid improvements in their service areas. While smart grid development is being tested nationwide, PERI has been offering smart grid technology after testing and measuring successful cost saving results over the last two years.

Sarav Periasamy, Pres. PERI

“We are the Asian business-owned smart grid technology leader in this space providing end-to-end smart grid business solutions,” President and CEO Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software told TV Host Tracy Young, CNN Headline News local edition. The interview airs on Charter Communications, Inc. SoCal cable stations, servicing millions of viewers from Ventura County, Los Angeles County, San Bernadino County, Riverside County and Big Bear to Victorville, CA.

“Smart grid technology is mainly used by utilities, and thanks to the Obama Administration it will be more affordable to customers and consumers,” he said. “Research shows that 60 percent of the electricity generated in this country is lost to inefficiencies, and the fact that smart grid technology is green and does not cost more, customers will feel good about saving energy and the planet.”

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(l-r) George Mc Quade, MAYO PR, Frank Mottek, KNX, Dr. Nancy Sidhu, LAEDC and CEO Michael Landver, CDC.

LAEDC Forecast Report Says U.S., California and Southern California face a measured economic recovery, with stronger growth in 2011

Entertainment, international trade and tourism cited as regional industry leaders, with an economic boost from major infrastructure projects and a modest rebound in residential real estate

Los Angeles— A measured economic recovery is underway in the nation, the state and Southern California, according to the 2010-2011“Economic Forecast & Industry Outlook” report released today by the Kyser Center for Economic Research at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC).

In California, three sectors will see employment growth during 2010: information, private education and health services.  Like the national experience, unemployment rates in the state will remain high with the LAEDC forecasting a 12.3 percent average rate in 2010, easing down to 11.9 percent in 2011.

“We project that the U.S. economy will grow by 2.6 percent in 2010 and by 3.1 percent in 2011, after plunging by 2.4 percent during 2009,” said Nancy D. Sidhu, Ph.D., the LAEDC’s chief economist.  “However, unemployment rates in the U.S. will remain uncomfortably high, averaging 9.9 percent in 2010 and 9.4 percent in 2011.”

Sidhu observed that consumer spending holds one of the keys to the economic recovery, with inflation-adjusted gains of 1.9 percent in 2010 and 2.7 percent in 2011 forecast, after falling by 0.6 percent in 2009.

2010-2011 LAEDC Economic Forecast Event at LA Marriott, downtown LA.

“California’s economy is also on the recovery track, but the state will still lose 121,800 jobs in 2010,” said Sidhu.  “However, this will be a huge improvement from the 668,200 jobs lost in 2009.”  California’s housing industry will see a modest recovery in 2010, according to Sidhu. For the full story and link to the forecast visit:

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